12" German Attic Fan

German Attic Fan 12"
German Attic Fan 12"
Item# 12gaf

Product Description

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The price below includes a 12" attic fan which is sufficient to exhaust up to 1375 square feet of attic area. The thermostat is pre-wired to the fan and mounted in a junction box. So you will only need to run a source of 115v power and you are done. Also recommended is the installation kit to obtain professional results and simplify the installation.

This product has a five year replacement warranty. We have sold over 400+ of these fans and installed over 150 in the last four years with only one failure.

We also offer an optional heavy duty 26ga custom sheet metal sheet metal mounting box for this unit. This makes mounting the fan a breeze (no pun intended), as it has large flanges that can be screwed to the roof or the structural members next to a gable vent or wherever. The fan comes pre-mounted to the optional fan box saving you further time.

These German fans feature an external rotor to which the fan blades are welded. This unique design reduces blade flex and vibration and eliminates one of the shaft bearings. The bearings are sealed and never need attention. Install it, set the thermostat and forget about it. Costs less than 2 cents per hour at .10/KWH to operate! That's less than a quarter per day.

Using our fan to remove hot, stagnant, energy consuming attic air is a good start. However, significant savings and comfort can be achieved by wrapping your duct system especially if located in the attic, a cold basement or crawlspace. Even more savings can be gained by adding TCM in your attic in hot climates or RBS Chips in cold climates.

Construction Features

* Prewired, adjustable thermostat integral to the fan included
* Costs pennies a day 10 cents per KWH
* 1208 CFM @ 0.0 "
* Integral Blades and External Rotor allowing precision balancing
* Formed steel wall panel with Venturi
* Shallow profile with no protruding motor
* External rotor motor, class B insulation.
* Quality design provides long and maintenance free operation for many years
* No maintenance required
* Automatic Reset Thermal Overload Protection
* Electrostatically applied polyester/epoxy urethane powder coat finish
* Self lubricating, sealed for life precision ball bearings
* Can be installed in gable vent or under an aura vent

Warning: In homes that have gas appliances such as water heaters or furnaces in the attic, great care must be taken to insure adequate intake venting (gables/soffits), is available so as to not create a negative pressure that will draw fumes down the chimney of gas appliances. Installing an attic fan in this application has the potential for fire or filling your attic with carbon dioxide. Just make certain there is sufficient intake openings to circumvent this situation.

The price below includes UPS Ground shipping within the 48 states. 2nd Day or Overnight only available by phone quote only. Other sizes available for larger attics: 14" and 16"


Fan Installation Kit
This handy tool makes mounting the fan a simple task! See our video on installing the fan to see how it works. No charge for shipping if included in the purchase of the fan.

Once you have this tool you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Fan Installation Kit fankit
Mounting Box
(click on icon to enlarge picture) Use this to make the mounting of the attic fan even easier. The wide flanges allow the unit to be mounted using wood screws or fasteners to the gable end or under a dormer vent.

Made from sturdy 26 gauge galvanized steel and welded at the seams, this box also increases the air flow by providing a smooth path of air to discharge from the fan.

NOTE: Mounting boxes are installed to the fan and shipped for free with the purchase of a fan. Orders for extra mounting boxes or individual mounting boxes without a fan will be charged additional shipping costs.

Mounting Box FMB
This combination thermostat/humidistat has a factory set adjustable thermostat (on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees) and an adjustable humidistat to fit individual attic humidity levels.