Finally, a quiet, reliable attic fan!

German Attic Fan

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Remove the hot air from your attic with this reliable attic fan manufactured in Germany. It's the Mercedes Benz of attic fans!
The tin, noisy and unreliable attic fans you will find in the large home stores are no match for this fan. Specifications for these fans can be found on our venting page. Click here

Our German attic fans come with a pre-wired, adjustable thermostat. They all have no maintenance sealed bearings, balanced blades for smooth and vibration free operation. (The 14", 12" fans have an injection molded fan blades).

Just mount the supplied junction box near the peak of the roof and add a 115v power source to the thermostat. The wiring is very straight forward and simple. The fan is already wired to the thermostat, simply attach your power source to the black wire, the white wire to the white wire and ground to ground! (step by step instructions click here

We also recommend purchasing the sheet metal mounting box which can be seen once you click the "add to cart" button. This is a robust box which we mount to the fan which really makes the installation a snap whether you are mounting the fan behind a gable vent or under the roof deck under an existing vent or the Aura Vent also available here in our online store. The installation kit is a handy screw holder which keeps the screw going in straight and simplifies the installation and lets you obtain professional results...without any help. If you are capable of holding the fan up against the surface, the screw holder keeps the screw going in strait so once it's in your drill you just push and pull the trigger. The screw goes right in. If you don't have one now you will like this in your tool box for future tasks.

Below is an example of how the fan looks and sounds once it's installed:

Our German attic fans may be purchased with or without a mounting box. If your application requires a mounting box, please note the dimensions below:

8" fan: 10"x10"x4" with a 2" flange

10" fan: 12"x12"x4" with a 2" flange

12" fan: 14"x14"x4" with a 2" flange

14" fan: 16"x16"x4" with a 2" flange