Our Latest TCM product is now perforated for cold climates!

TCMP: Ultimate Cold Climate Attic Insulation
TCMP: Ultimate Cold Climate Attic Insulation
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Product Description

Keep your heat in during the winter and out during the summer with our latest innovative attic insulation product: tcmp. thermal control membrane perforated.
simply roll this membrane out over your existing attic insulation to prevent ice dams, keep heat in and make every room in the house the same temperature. oh, yes, and dropping your heating bill by at least 30%.

this product comes in 26" wide for attic with trusses set 24" on center and 52" wide for attic with rafters and open areas. the 52" wide is also great for protecting plants from freezing nights.

this new addition to our tcm line!

This product is specifically meant for homes in colder climates. The robust perforations insure that moisture can egress through the membrane while preventing the movement of infrared heat in either direction.
Simply roll out this new product over your existing attic insulation. No taping, stapling, just roll it out. TCMP is fabricated 26" wide so it automatically overlaps when rolled out between trusses that are 24" on center.

Click here to see how simple this product is to install. The perforations insure that moisture emitting from the house will not condense below the membrane.

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