TCM Tile Underlayment

TCM Tile Underlayment
TCM Tile Underlayment
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If your home has a concrete tile roof you and you are having small stains in your ceiling, it means your underlayment paper is dried out, has cracked and is now leaking. When concrete tile roofs became popular in the Southwest in the early 80's, the standard then was tacking a single layer of 30lb black felt paper to the top of the roof, stapling in the wooden battens and then laying the tile on top of it.

This is a "must have" product if you are building a new home with a tile, metal standing seam, corrugated steel or metal shingle roof. Cannot be installed under shingles...TCM will overheat them)

This durable product is a pure foil laminate on the top for maximum UV protection, a fiberbond scrim for strength and the TCM performance happening below that.
Virtually doubles the life of bitumen based underlayments by rejecting the blazing heat from the sun.
This product will pay for itself in two years in savings! By making your attic cooler, air ducts are more efficient and your home will be much easier to cool. Allows for impressive off peak load shifting of the air conditioner and significant reductions in demand (kW)

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TCM has a lifetime warranty and an unconditional, money back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with this innovative energy conservation product, simply return it for a full refund.