Thermal Control Membrane (TCM6)

Best Attic Insulation in the World
Best Attic Insulation in the World
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Best Attic Insulation in the World

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Thermal Control Membrane (TCM), is a dust proof radiant barrier and an extremely effective way to increase comfort, conserve energy and keep rising enrgy bills in check. TCM was chosen to be installed on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover for the Yazee family in Pinion Arizona.

Recent university studies prove the performance. If you are shopping for a radiant barrier, ask for the validated testing and a performance warranty.

26" Wide - Use between trusses
48" Wide - Use on walls (sunny climates)
54" Wide - Use in steel buildings
48" Wide Reinforced - Use for wrapping flexible and steel ducts. TCM is cut to fit your applications so waste is minimal.

Faraday Protection: All TCM products offer excellent Faraday protection which protects sensitive electronic and computer based equipment from EMP or unwanted electromagnetic fields.

This incredible product boasts (6) six reflective surfaces and a proprietary scrim system which has been proven to out perform all other reflective insulation products. TCM6 is impervious to dust, gravity, time or compression. It can be used in attics, wall systems (behind the wallboard with taped seams in cold climates like a vapor barrier), or simply rolled out over your existing attic insulation in warm climates. Perforated TCM is not yet available.
New homes conctructed with TCM6 in the attic and having TCM6 exterior wrapped walls can reduce the HVAC system's efficiency by 40%!br> TCM in the attic of existing homes, combined with our German attic fan have been proven performers for lowering consumption and increasing comfort.

TCM6 vailable in 48" widths for walls and conventionally framed attics. It is also available in 26" widths for rolling out between scissor strusses. Customized orders and applications are most welcomed!

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Enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills!

How to Order TCM:

Conventional Framed Attics - no scissors trusses: 48" wide TCM6 is best for large, open spaces. It can be rolled right over any existing ducting to protect that, as well.

Attics With Scissor Trusses 24" on center: For this type of attic, you will need 26" wide TCM6. It is designed to be rolled out between scissor trusses which are 24" on center.

For walls: Add up the total square footage and enter this number into the "quantity". For ten foot walls you will need to order 48" wide TCM6 to make it cover the first 8', then a sufficient amount of 26" wide TCM6 to make up the rest.

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Please note this product is sold in a minimum order of 100sf.

TCM has an unconditional, money back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with this innovative energy conservation product, simply return it for a full refund.