Thermal Control Membrane (TCM6)

Thermal Control Membrane for Attics
Thermal Control Membrane for Attics
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Product Description

Thermal Control Membrane for Attics

Now is the time of year to install this product in your attic! Stop ice dams this winter and cut your heating bills!

Thermal Control Membrane (TCM), is a dust proof radiant barrier and an extremely effective way to increase comfort, reduce consumption and keep rising energy bills in check.
TCM was chosen to be installed on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover for the Yazee family in Pinion Arizona and has allowed architects to win awards for the efficiency of their projects.

Recent university studies prove the performance. If you are shopping for a radiant barrier or reflective insulation product, ask for the validated testing, a performance warranty and if it works when covered in dust.

26" Wide - Use between trusses (now available with perforations for cold climates)
48" Wide - Use on walls (sunny climates)
54" Wide - Use in steel buildings
48" Wide Reinforced - Use for wrapping flexible and steel ducts. TCM is cut to fit your applications so waste is minimal.

Off Peak Load Shifting
By pre-cooling a home (in hot climates) and shutting off the a/c when expensive on peak hours start, significant reductions in energy costs can be obtained.
Conventional insulation cannot stop the influx of heat during on peak hours and by 3pm the attic heat has reached the ceiling.
TCM keeps the insulation much cooler which allows the a/c system to be turned off and "coast" until Off Peak times starts (typically 7pm or 8pm).

Major Demand Reduction
With the air conditioning off during On Peak hours (this is the only time demand is charged), and an inexpensive water heater timer to keep the 5kw hot water tank from running during On Peak times, the cost of an expensive load controller can be averted and in reality, have lower demands than with a load controller. TCM

I ordered their product over the internet one evening then thought I made a mistake a few hours later. I e-mailed them to put a hold on the order. The next day, I called them and they did just that. They told told me to call them whenever I'm ready for them to ship it. A litte more than a week later, I had them ship it. Even though it went up in price during that time, they sold it to me at the lower price! SUPER PEOPLE and SUPER COMPANY! AMAZING PRODUCT!

Don't add more insulation in a hot climate!"
: "I have a house in New Mexico and I'm at my wits' end. I've had a lot of insulation work done in my attic and it's now R-50, but the house is still incredibly uncomfortable in summer. In fact after adding 10" of fiberglass to the attic floor, I spent more money on cooling than I did during the prior summer, and the house was much less comfortable, too."

Nate C.

How to Order TCM:

  • Send images of the proposed installed area (attic/walls/steel building/roof).
  • Determine which product/width best suits your needs
  • Measure area to be covered and add 5% for overlap
  • Enter the square footage into the order box

    Conventional Framed Attics - no scissors trusses: 48" wide TCM is best for large, open spaces. It can be rolled right over any existing ducting to protect that, as well.

    Attics With Scissor Trusses 24" on center: For this type of attic, you will need 26" wide TCM. It is designed to be rolled out between scissor trusses which are 24" on center. TCM-26 now available perforated for cold climates! Keep the heat in, stop ice dams.

    For walls: Add up the total square footage. Order TCM-48. For ten foot walls you will need to order 48" wide TCM6 to make it cover the first 8', then a sufficient amount of 26" wide TCM6 to make up the rest.

    If you have any questions, concerns or application concerns, please feel free to email us at

    TCM has a lifetime warranty and an unconditional, money back guarantee.
    If you are not completely satisfied with this innovative energy conservation product, simply return it for a full refund.