10" Roof Vent for 8" German Fan

10" Roof Vent for 8" German Fan

Product Description

If you do not have a gable end vent to use with our German fan, we have this roof vent option which has been specifically designed for use with powered fans. If your roof framing lumber will not allow for the width of our fan shroud, order the option sheet metal mounting box and mount the entire assembly under this roof vent.

The throat of this vent is large enough so the fan can be mounted directly under the vent which can be used to replace an existing attic fan or create a leak proof opening in your roof to mount our fan under.

Inside the vent, there is a diversion cone to maximize the airflow and minimize restriction by creating a smooth, unobstructed flow of air out of the vent.

These roof vents are for use with fans, other models are Dade County approved for high winds and have been HVI certified. Feel free to email us with your needs or questions.

As with our other online products, this item has an unconditional money back warranty against factory defects and a no questions asked return policy. Like our other products shipping UPS Ground is included with the purchase price.

This item is for our 8" fan. Other sizes available for our larger or smaller exhaust fans, see links at the top of this page.

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