13" Tubular Skylight

13" Tubular Skylight
13" Tubular Skylight
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Product Description

Bring in pure spectrum light without the heat. The 13" size is the most popular. Use in larger bathrooms, walk-in closets, garages and work areas. If you need more light for a big kitchen, family room, billiard room, move up to our 18" size.

Why our skylight?

  • Polycarbonate dome never yellows
  • T6 Aircraft grade aluminum flashing (not plastic)
  • Best light dispersion, lights up the floor and the walls
  • Kit you buy is complete: 4' of light pipe, 25 year sealant, hardware, fasteners, diffuser, trim ring, flashing, dome and easy to follow instructions. A simple install in a shingle roof. Visit our tubular skylight page for information on how they work, how they are installed, the leak warranty and before and after pictures.

    The price below includes shipping to the continental US. Email us for an accurate price quote outside of the US.

    Item is shipped UPS ground with return email with tracking number.

    In the notes section please specify flashing type: "pitched" for a pitched roof and "flat" for a flat roof and preferred lens type: prismatic (brighter light) or milky (softer diffused light)

  • Accessories

    13" Tubular Skylight 2ft Pipe Extension
    If you need more than the 4 foot of light pipe that comes with each kit, these extensions in 24" will make up the difference! Easily cut to fit. Free shipping only if ordered with the skylight. We cannot offer free shipping at the price listed if you need this after the skylight is delivered. Be sure and measure how much pipe you need first. Here's how:
  • Locate where you want to install the skylight
  • Measure the distance from this location on the ceiling to the bottom of the roof deck
  • Add 12" to allow for the pipe going through the flashing on the roof.
    This total will be the amount of light pipe you will need to complete the job. You don't want to cut a hole in your roof and not have enough light pipe to complete the work.

    The price below includes shipping to the continental US. Email us for pricing outside of the US.
    Quantity, senior, handicapped and single mom discounts available.

    Shipping Item is shipped UPS ground with return email with tracking number.

  • $39.00
    13" Tubular Skylight 2ft Pipe Extension
    Tubular Skylight Internal Light Kit
    Internal light kit for all sizes of tubular skylights. Great item for replacing a bathroom or kitchen light. Install an energy efficient LED bulb and use the same switch for the kitchen light.

    Installation is simple: once the light pipe is installed, make a small hole in the side of the pipe and with the hardware that's included, adjust the fixture so it's in the center of the tube about 18" above the ceiling trim ring.
    Connect the old light fixture wires to the light kit and secure with a junction box which is included as well. It's simple wiring but if you are not confident about doing it by all means find someone experienced that can help you.

    The low price is only if the light kit is shipped with a tubular skylight order.

    Tubular Skylight Internal Light Kit
    13" Angle Adapter
    13" Angle Adapter
    The elbow is constructed out of the same material as our light pipe and is fully adjustable from 0 - 45 degrees. For use in steep pitch situations or applications where straight pipe runs are not possible.
    Tubular Skylight Dimmer
    Tubular Skylight Dimmer
    The dimmer allows you to adjust the amount of daylight entering a room with an easy-to-use remote control. It fits the 10", 13" and 21" tubular skylight models. Perfect for any room that may need to be darkened during the day including bedrooms, media rooms and conference rooms. The dimmer kits come fully assembled, are easy to install and have a 5 year warranty. This dimmer comes with a remote control unit. (Free shipping if ordered with a skylight).