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1 Ton Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump
1 Ton Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump
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This unit comes complete with: Insulated line set with fittings Control and power cables Remote control Mounting pad or wall mount Service disconnect box for wall The attached images are what it looks like installed in a living room and master bedroom. This couple has turned off one 3 ton rooftop unit and one 2 ton unit for the main living area and now only run one or the other. Their APS bill went down 64% and the house "has not been this comfortable in 35 years of living here. I can't believe how much better I sleep with this quiet unit and the sweep function where the air flows over you in waves is just amazing! I wish I had installed these decades ago."

This unit has: Inverter Smart Control: Most every A/C system ever produced has two speeds: 100% on or off. This creates temperature swings and can be annoying when trying to sleep. Most every rooftop unit starts up every component when the thermostat calls for cooling. The condenser fan, the indoor blower and the compressor all take a huge load of power and everyone can relate to hearing the system turn on every cycle while laying in bed. Ductless systems start in phases. First the compressor turns on, then the condenser fan and once the indoor coil becomes cold the indoor fan starts on low speed then increases speed as the system runs. There is an indoor an outdoor air temperature sensor that samples the temperature of the air going over the coils. The outdoor sensor guards against high pressure conditions should a plastic bag or something obstruct the intake air on the outdoor coil and will shut the system down with an error code letting you know why it shut off. This is the same as the monitoring system in vehicles now that self diagnose. Think of the hundreds of dollars saved on service calls because a bag or newspaper is blocking air flow outside. Smart Control The indoor air sensor tells the central processor how fast the room is cooling. The larger the spread of temperature between the set point on the remote control and the actual room temperature dictates how fast the compressor, condenser fan motor and indoor fan runs. Once it reaches the chosen temperature, it does not shut off but rather just barely runs supplying sufficient comfort once the temperature is reached. Room temperature swings are no more, just a constant, quiet, even temperature at a fraction of the cost of a conventional ducted system.

Improved indoor air quality Since these systems are ductless, there are no airhandlers or blower compartments that are lined with fiberglass. In every structure, residential or commercial, there is fiberglass particles being delivered through the duct system. Persons with allergies and respiratory issues can get instant relief with a ductless system because there is no fiberglass in the air and no ducts that can add dust and pollen to the indoor air. Virtually every rooftop system has small air leaks in the blower compartment and roof elbow which means pollutants, pollen or pathogens are being drawn into the return air supply and pumped into the house. Immediately after installing a ductless system you will notice you need to dust less because there is less infiltration. Furthermore, since most homes with ducted systems have more supply side leaks than return leaks, most homes are in a state of negative pressure which means dust, pollen and pathogens are drawn into the conditioned space whenever the blower system is running. This cannot happen with a ducted system since only the air in the room is moved over the coil and then returned. Never can outside air be drawn into a ductless system.

This AUX Ductless Heat Pump Features: Mitsubishi rotary compressor (incredibly quiet) Heat/Cool/Dehumidify/Fan Only modes Turbo Mode: Increases capacity to 125% for a 30 minute boost. Use this when you want to cool a room off fast. Swing: Swing works the same as an oscillating fan that goes back and forth but rather than back and forth, swing sweeps the horizontal air vane up and down. When aimed at the bed the effect is beyond amazing to sleep with. Fan Speed: This adjusts the RPM of the horizontal blower wheel from whisper quiet to a surprising amount of air from such a small device. Dehumidify: This mode lowers air speed and floods the coil in bursts of liquid Freon which rapidly condenses the water out of the air. Timer: Set the on/off times for when you are home. Set it for a 1/2 hr before you get home and walk into a comfortable house. This one ton is perfect for: Bring comfort to your Arizona Room Master bedroom Man Cave or garage RV (only uses 700 watts of power and runs on 120v) Cool only the core of your house during expensive on peak hours and leave your power hungry main system off. Indoor air quality goes up as well as comfort while your energy bill goes down. This concept is especially effective after installing our patented Thermal Control Membrane in the attic (see link on our main site at

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