Fire Foil

Fire Foil
Item# FF51

Product Description

Protect your home from fire with Fire Foil. It's not "flying embers" that makes homes burst into flames, it's the infrared heat traveling at 186,000 miles per second (the speed of light) and striking a vertical wall and stopping. Firefighters have related to me the first they they see catch on fire is the curtains and furniture behind a window inside the house!

Fire Foiltm is placed between the source of heat and the structure. Reduce the infrared heat by changing direction with the reflective surface and wall surfaces will not spontaneously combust.

Price listed includes ground shipping to the lower 48 states. Rush orders or deviations in shipping will be extra.

Fire Foil is shipped and sold in 1,000 square foot rolls.


Duct Wrap Special
Got a room that's hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Our research and experience has shown that uncomfortable rooms are typically the farthest from the unit.
Lay a piece of our Space Quilt Duct Wrap over the duct that serves that room and more than likely it will solve the problem. This sample piece is 25' long.
Duct Wrap Special DWS