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This site is full of valuable information that is specific to your climate. Products, applications, means and methods vary for each climate and many products designed for keeping heat in, like attic insulation, can be a net energy loss if used in hot or humid climates by storing heat.

Architects now have more tools in their box of energy products besides insulation and low e windows when addressing heat gain or heat loss. Buildings constructed to our specifications and using our products means and methods require the HVAC system(s) be reduced in capacity by at least 40% due solely to the decreased heat gain and heat loss.

Our products and applications are Climate Specifictm for all types of buildings, both residential and commercial and offer advice on what products best suit your needs. Our products are patented, proprietary and available only here or through our growing dealer network.

While we encourage you to purchase our products, we would like to be certain you are on the right path to meet your expectations. This in mind, when ordering, please indicate the symptoms or problems you would like solved by your choice of purchases in the note section on the order page or email us some pictures and descriptions. There may be a less expensive or an even easier way to address what you are trying to accomplish.

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Remember, it costs three times more to do it right the second time!

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