Standard 18" German Attic Fan

Standard 18" German Attic Fan
Item# stan18

Product Description

Good for attics up to 3500 square feet. Remove the hot air from your attic with this reliable attic fan manufactured in Germany. The Mercedes of attic fans. The tin, attic fans from home stores are no match for this fan. Lifetime sealed bearings, balanced blades for smooth and vibration free operation and made from steel, not sheet metal. This product does not come pre-wired to a thermostat for all of those do-it-yourself kinds out there looking to save a few pennys. This product has a five year replacement warranty. We have sold over 400+ of these fans and installed over 150 in the last four years with only one failure.

The price above includes UPS Ground shipping withing the 48 states. 2nd Day or Overnight only available by phone quote only.

Using our fan to remove hot, stagnant, energy consuming attic air is a good start. However, significant savings and comfort can be achieved by wrapping your duct system especially if located in the attic, a cold basement or crawlspace. Even more savings can be gained by adding TCM in your attic in hot climates or RBS Chips in cold climates.

Construction Features * Costs pennies a day 10 cents per KWH (about $6/mo) * 624 CFM @ 0.0 " * Integral Blades and External Rotor allowing precision balancing * Formed steel wall panel with Venturi * Shallow profile with no protruding motor * External rotor motor, class B insulation. * Quality design provides long and maintenance free operation for many years * No maintenance required * Electrostatically applied polyester/epoxy urethane powder coat finish * Self lubricating, sealed for life precision ball bearings * Can be installed in gable vent or under an aura vent