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Space Quilt Duct Wrap
Space Quilt Duct Wrap
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Product Description

Cut duct losses up to 50%! We typically see at least a 35% reduction in thermal loss in just 20' of flex duct.

Duct Wrap comes in rolls 48" wide and is cut to whatever length you need so there is no waste.

Flex duct suspended by hangers:
Spiral Duct Wrap around the flex duct like a candy cane so it's completely covered and secure the terminations with tie wire.
You will need scissors. Tie a pair to a lanyard then to your belt loop.

In basements:
Wrap it around your supply and return ducts and receive the energy you paid to be comfortable. On square steel ducts, wrap as much as you can and again, secure with wire or self tapping screws and washers or simply staple the it the wood surrounding the duct.

Warranty: Duct Wrap not only has a lifetime performance warranty (when shopping for a duct wrap, ask for this), but also a no questions asked, full refund policy. We are that confident in your appreciation of this new green building product.


TCM Duct Wrap is sold by length, not square footage. Determine how many feet long you desire and enter this number into the box marked "quantity" in the cart. This number will be multiplied by the sale price above. Includes shipping UPS ground to the lower 48 states.

When comparing duct wrap products, ask the manufacturer if it has a lifetime performance warranty like ours does. Our Duct Wrap will never change performance. Why slow the movement of heat into or out of your ducts when you can use Duct Wrap and effectively change the direction of heat which is much more effective. Once a fiberglass duct wrap gets hot, it stays hot and stores heat. TCM Duct Wrap does not do this.


Duct Wrap Special
Got a room that's hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Our research and experience has shown that uncomfortable rooms are typically the farthest from the unit.
Lay a piece of our Space Quilt Duct Wrap over the duct that serves that room and more than likely it will solve the problem. This sample piece is 25' long.
Duct Wrap Special DWS