Space Quilt for Walls

Space Quilt for Walls
Space Quilt for Walls
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Space Quilt for Walls

Space Quilt-4 is a dust proof radiant barrier and an effective way to increase comfort, conserve energy and keep in check rising energy bills. Space Quilt was chosen to be installed on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover for the Yazee family in Pinion Arizona.

Performance testing with university studies prove the performance. If you are shopping for a radiant barrier, ask for the validated testing and a performance warranty. There is a reason our products cost more.

EMF Protection: All Space Quilt products offer excellent EMF protection. Space Quilt blocks unwanted dirty energy and EMF.

Custom orders and applications welcomed.

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
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Customer Service Rating: Excellent
I have had two positive purchase experiences with insulmation (
The first was the purchase of Space Quilt (TCM) and the material works as stated on the website. I know because I have a room that is inaccessible through the attic and I was unable to put the Space Quilt in that room. The rest of the house has Space Quilt installed and there is a significant difference in temperature between the room without Space Quilt and the rest of the house. The second purchase, two years later, was for the German attic fans and they work as described as well.

How to order Space Quilt:
Space Quilt for walls comes in two widths, 48" and 52". On the order page your choice option is Space Quilt 48 or Space Quilt 52. In the "add to cart" button above, choose the width and enter the square footage desired in the amount window which will be multiplied by the sale price above.

Space Quilt has a lifetime warranty and an unconditional, money back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with this innovative energy conservation product, simply return it for a full refund.


Duct Wrap Special
Got a room that's hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Our research and experience has shown that uncomfortable rooms are typically the farthest from the unit.
Lay a piece of our Space Quilt Duct Wrap over the duct that serves that room and more than likely it will solve the problem. This sample piece is 25' long.
Duct Wrap Special DWS