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The reality of how heat moves through your ceiling:

After our radiant barrier is installed

Recent Testimonials:

One of our NRG Package customers, the Morgans who explain what their home was like before we applied our products and designs and what they hoped to expect. Stay tuned for the follow up footage of what they experienced by trusting Horizon Energy Systems.

This footage was shot of the Morgan home before we started work. An energy audit revealed that there was so much duct leakage it caused a negative pressure situation so severe sewer gas was being pulled out of the drains. A plumber was called and our NRG Package was almost put on hold until after a plumbing contractor could come in and jackhammer up the slab and work on the sewer gas problem! This was not necessary as we identified the problem, applied our knowledge and eliminated the symptom.

This footage was shot during the installation of our NRG Package on the Morgan home. The new heat pump installation (seven month old) by Charles Roberts Air Conditioning was so poor that the unit and elbow had to be removed and completely reinstall the duct system. One existing duct in the attic was not even connected and blowing into the attic space!

This is the completed NRG Package installation:

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Thermal Control Membrane is simple to install using a paint roller extension pole, $13 at Home Depot.

TCM Tile Underlayment, our latest invention.